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We would love to help you move everything, but that's not reasonable. Here's what you can expect from us:

    What we will move
  • Furniture
  • Most appliances
  • Large TV's
  • Most large, stable items
    What we won't move
  • Pianos
  • Full-size refrigerators
  • Concrete fountains
  • Large gun safes

In accordance with the law, the additional things that we can’t move are people, animals, ammunition, explosive materials, hazardous materials, firearms or articles valued at more than $20,000 such as antiques, fine art, jewels/jewelry, gold or other precious metals.


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Thank you for considering Trucke. Before you're job is cancelled, we would like to know your reason.

Your best move starts here.

Below you will find our simple 5-step request form. Once completed, Trucke Pals will be able to view your request and choose to work your job. Being detailed and clear with your information will help them make the right decision. If you're ready, scroll down and get started!

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What type of service do you need?

Labor Only

Strong and friendly college students will provide muscle to meet all your moving needs.


for the first 90 minutes

$36 per pal/hr after the first 90 minutes

Prorated after the first 90 minutes

Labor + Truck

Local pickup truck owners will load, unload, and provide same day delivery for any large item.


for the first hour [10 miles or less]

per minute after the first hour

99 cents per mile over 10 miles

When do you need help?

About how long will your job take? No need for calculations, we just need an estimate.

Where should your Pals go?

Unfortunately, your in an area we haven't extended service to yet. Click here to check out our current areas of service. If you believe we should be in your area, please call us at 1-855-485-EASY and let us know the address.

Start and End Locations must be in the same local area.

  • Start Location*

    Let us know where your stuff is!

  • End Location*

If you only need one Pal, make sure to be available at the job site to help with loading.

If you are not making use of an extra Pal, make sure someone is available to help the Pal carry your item(s) at the dropoff location.


for the first 90 minutes

$36 per pal/hr after the first 90 minutes

Prorated after the first 90 minutes

Price includes


for the first hour [10 miles or less]

per minute after the first hour

99 cents per mile over 10 miles

Price includes

What are you trying to move? List all the stuff you need help with. If you would like to see a list of items we can and can't move, click here.

Please make sure items are wrapped before your Pal arrives for delivery to insure safety of items during transport.

Any special requests or important information that could help your Pals get the job done right? Let us know if you need assembly done, equipment brought, old items moved out, etc.

Your payment information has been received.

You will be charged once the job has been completed.

Review & Request

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Thank you!

We are so glad you chose to use Trucke.

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